Hamersville Church of Christ is a growing,
non-denominational church family in Western Brown County
where Jesus is transforming lives one at a time.

We aspire to be the kind of church described in the New Testament
with heartfelt worship, practical teaching from God's Word,
authentic friendships, meaningful prayer,
and genuine care for those in need.


How can we know that Jesus is the Son of God?
Can we really trust the New Testament as reliable history?
Can a thinking person accept the idea of a man rising from the dead?
Is there evidence for any of these things?
And even if it's true, what difference does it make for my life today?

Join us for this sermon series in which we will examine "The Case for Christ"
based on the journey of investigative journalist, Lee Strobel.

March 12, 2023
"Investigating the Case for Christ"

March 19, 2023
"Exploring the Evidence for Christ"

March 26, 2023
"Embracing the Truth for Christ"

April 2, 2023
""Explaining the Good News of Christ"

April 9, 2023
"Defending the Resurrection of Christ"

“We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only.


We pray that you will find our church family to be a warm and inviting place
where you can make new friends that will help you grow
in your relationship with Jesus.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Bible Study


9:30 AM



10:30 AM